Staff Development

It’s often heard, “We can’t afford the time and cost of staff education” But it begs the question…“Can you afford not to?Palliative and hospice programs provide human powered service; therefore, a program’s greatest asset…and potentially greatest liability…are their employees.

Education is not about talking at people but rather with them. Engaging direct service staff through facilitated discussion can offer program leaders valuable insight into quality improvement practices and ways to streamline operations that ultimately saves their program money.

Our staff training is offered through on-site workshop, online via video or audio platform. Topics are perfect for lunch n’ learn format.

Staff Development Topics

Click here for detailed descriptions of staff development topics (above) or view the topic list below. Please contact us to discuss a different topic and set up training.   

  • The Quest for Quality Care Communication + Coordination + Collaboration = Continuity
  • Reframing Pain & Symptoms through Holistic Strength Based Assessment
  • Expanding Caregiver Confidence to Empowerment of Family & Caregivers
  • Daytime Team Inventions to Reduce Nighttime Call
  • Revisiting the Purpose of IDG: Making it Efficient and Meaningful
  • What does “Patient-Centered Care” Really Mean & Look Like in Practice?
  • Setting Professional Boundaries: Mitigating Risk and Staff Burn Out
  • Whose Need Is It?
  • Family Dynamics of Terminal Illness  
  • Best Practices for Care-Planning to Meet Needs & Regulations 
  • The Value of Case Review for Practice Confirmation and Improvement
  • Supporting Momentous Decision Making: Identifying Triggers to Transition and Knowing When to Counsel Cure to Comfort
  • Team Optimization to Save Money and Provide Quality Care
  • Exploring the Value of Family Meetings to Guide Decision Making
  • The Fine Art of Communication
  • Breaking the Cycle of the Revolving Door: Identifying and Keeping Exemplary Employees

Our trainings are unique; not “canned” or duplicated.  Topics are derived from experience working in the field and comprise best practices to address the care philosophy of palliative and hospice services. The trainings incorporate state and federal regulations designed to insure quality care.

Schedule a Staff Development Session

Please contact us to learn more and to schedule a staff development session for your team.  Topics and content are trademarked and exclusively belong to Willow Publications & End of Life Education LLC. 

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